Duravit – a tradition of innovation

The premises of Duravit during the early days

In collaboration with many prestigious designers, Duravit continues to set new standards with innovative new products. Our “design conquers the bathroom” strategy dates back to 1987 when, in collaboration with Sieger Design, Duravit took the bold step of designing a complete bathroom range that went on to achieve success across the board. This success is as strong as ever and is synonymous with the entrepreneurial spirit that has been an integral part of the company’s history ever since its foundation in 1817. Our blog will tell you more about the most important milestones in Duravit’s history. Today, we take you back to 1817, the year in which our company was founded:


Duravit's founder: Georg Friedrich Horn (1770 - 1856)

The official document issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Baden weighed but little in the hands of Georg Friedrich Horn. However, its content carried great weight for the founder of Duravit: “We are honoured to reply that we have no objections to approving the petition”, Horn quietly read aloud the crucial part of the document. “No objections?” he suddenly shouted, followed by a heartfelt cry of joy – “Hurray!” He now had the written go-ahead to establish a stoneware factory in Hornberg, and this moment marked the historical beginnings of Duravit.


The news quickly spread around the peaceful town of Hornberg: “Have you heard? Horn, the tax collector, is going to set up a factory”, people muttered in the small streets of the town. The initial scepticism of the townspeople quickly gave way to a new feeling of optimism. The first were soon lining up to start work at the new “Hornberg stoneware factory”…


One of the key episodes in the early history of Duravit could have happened

something like this. Admittedly, we have used a little historical license when looking

The factory in 1860. The three conical kilns on the company’s then site are an interesting detail.

over the shoulder of Georg Friedrich Horn and into the small streets of old Hornberg. However, the historical facts, key points and nostalgic photos that you find on our website speak for themselves: they are testimony to the continuous development of a company that is today one of the most dynamic groups of companies in the sanitary industry and that is active in more than 100 countries with a workforce of more than 5,500 people worldwide. Keep visiting our blog and you’ll soon find out more about the history of Duravit.

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